Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited

CREL Biography

Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited is a fourth generation, family owned company and has been in business in Canada for nearly 100 years. Established in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1912 by Edward & Harry Rogers, the first facility was dedicated more to roofing and sheet metal work. One of their first projects was roofing for the Fort Gary Hotel in Winnipeg. There were many roofing jobs that followed through the years and there was a natural evolution to sheet metal work to accompany each new build.
Following World War I the company expanded to the east in Toronto in the early 1930s.
At this point the company split into two distinct and separate companies, Canadian Rogers Western (Edward) and Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited (Harry). The two brothers remained close and collaborated many times throughout their years. The companies made strategic changes to take advantage of various business opportunities as they arose.
During the Second World War both companies became large suppliers of munitions for the allies. Post WWII brought new developments in the construction industry and presented new opportunities for CREL. A building boom was happening and new techniques were developed to present innovative and modern facades on new buildings. Strategic alliances were made between Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited and several glass companies to develop new ‘store fronts’ for many of the theaters, department stores, and grocery stores that were expanding at the time. This was an exciting time for the company with its growth and also with the development of its workers and their many skills. CREL was becoming known for far more than just roofing at this point. Many types of materials were routinely used now such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze and aluminum.
The construction industry went through further changes in the 1950s and 60s where aluminum extrusions were being used more often for construction and curtain wall applications. The company decided not to move in this direction and made a complete shift to the ornamental and architectural work that was becoming more popular in these times. Our work graced building entrances and interiors of office towers in major urban centers such as Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited used their expertise in the 1970s thru the 90s to develop and manufacture machinery and equipment as well as continuing to produce Custom and Architectural Metal products. The company worked closely with its new clients to develop more sophisticated and manufacturable products through detailing and prototyping. During this very busy period CREL gained a large amount of knowledge about new design and fabrication techniques that were further used in their many other interesting projects.
The new millennium has been good to the company. It seems however, that the world has sidestepped the ‘skilled craftsman’ and replaced him with machines that produce inferior custom metal products and finishes. Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited is now capitalizing on this easily recognizable fact. CREL, to be sure, has no shortage of fine craftsmen. They acknowledge and embrace new developments in machinery and equipment and also continue to foster and develop exceptional craftsmen. Only through uniting the two shall you achieve a truly excellent product. Many larger and smaller companies in the same field utilize CREL’s expertise to produce quality results for them as well.
Company President Scott Rogers doesn’t let any of this go to his head; he comes from a long line of owners and looks at these relationships as compliments.