Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited

1912 - World History

At Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited we take a great interest in our past. We started conducting business in 1912 and have gained momentum throughout our years. It was interesting for us to learn what was happening in the world at the time of our company's inception. The following is a summary of World events from 1912.

- Republic of China is established
- New Mexico becomes 47th state
- British War Staff established
- US Marines invade Honduras
- International Opium Convention signed at the Hague, the
first international drug control treaty
- First eastbound transcontinental flight takes place in the
U.S. and lands in Florida
- First airplane flight at over 100 mph.
- Arizona is admitted as the 48th US State
- Quebec Bulldogs sweep Moncton for Stanley Cup victory
- German naval program begins, marking failure of the
Anglo-German Naval Forces talks
- Winston Churchill enlarges the Royal Navy
- Italian forces are the first country to use airships for military
- French aviator Henri Seimet makes the first non-stop flight
from Paris to London in three hours
- Albert Berry makes first parachute jump from an airplane
- Isabella Goodwin is 1st female detective in NYC
- Pitcher Cy Young retires from baseball with 511 wins
- Electric starters first appeared in cars
- Royal Flying Corps. is formed in England
- First exhibition baseball game played at Fenway Park (Red
Sox vs. Harvard)
- Titanic sinks near Newfoundland
- Harriet Quimby becomes first woman to fly across the
English Channel
- Tiger Stadium in Detroit opens (Tigers beat Indians 6-5)
- The Royal Ontario Museum is established in Toronto,
- United States Senate initiates an official inquiry into the
Titanic disaster
- The Senate issued subpoenas to White Star personnel
before they could return to the U.K.
- 5th Olympic games open in Stockholm Sweden
- 15 women fired by publishing company in US for dancing
the ‘Turkey Trot’ during their lunch break
- Alaska is organized as a US Territory
- Aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright dies
- Baseball great, Ty Cobb rushes a heckler at a New York
Highlander game and is suspended
- US Marines invade Cuba
- US Army test first machine gun mounted on plane
- US passes law to further control radio stations
- First naval torpedo launched from airplane
- Japan constructs its first battleship
- British National Health Insurance Act goes into effect

- US Marines invade Nicaragua
- ‘Tarzan of the Apes’ is published
- First Calgary Stampede is held
- World’s first cannery opens in England to supply food to
the Royal Navy
- First Balkan War officially begins when Montenegro
declares war on Turkey
- While campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, former
President Theodore Roosevelt is shot by saloonkeeper
John Schrank. With a fresh flesh wound and the bullet
still in him, Roosevelt delivers his scheduled speech.
After finishing his speech, he went to the hospital, where
it was deduced that if he had not had his speech in his
breast pocket when he was shot, he most likely would
have died.
- Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia declare war on Turkey
- Bulgarian pilots Radul Minkov and Prodan Toprakchiev
perform the first bombing with an airplane in history, at
the railway station of Karaagac near Edirne against
- Woodrow Wilson defeats Theodore Roosevelt
- Albania declares independence from Turkey
- 4th CFL Grey Cup is played and Hamilton Alerts defeat
the Toronto Argonauts 11-4
- Austria and Hungary engage in conflict with Serbia
- Richard Haldane of Britain, tells German Ambassador that
England would aid France if attacked by German forces
and that they would not allow the balance of power to be